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Heather Soodak is an illustrator and art educator from the sunshine state. She received her B.A. in Illustration at Laguna College of Art and Design and art teaching credential from California State University, Long Beach. Spending most of her childhood growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Heather is passionate about the environment and her main goal is to use her art powers advocating for animals. Heather is also an advocate of art education and believes that through creativity and community we can support each other to make positive change for all. 

Her energy and humor come alive in her bright and joyful illustrations and she is most excited about capturing expression and movement in her playful, charming characters. Heather enjoys experimenting with a variety of media from traditional painting and collage to digital art and found/recycled surfaces though she most often finds the watercolor brush in her hand. 

A 10-year-old at heart, Heather is inspired by silliness from the likes of Roald Dahl & Jon Sciezcska stories, the wackiness of 90’s Nicktoons, with a quaint splash from vintage botanical illustrations and Beatrix Potter, among many others. Heather’s favorite projects include children’s books, character design, comics, murals, and drawing people as cats. When not illustrating or teaching, Heather enjoys a good book, making new friends, exploring, & walks with her dog Darwin.

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